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Deceptive Bytes helps enterprises and SMEs reduce risk, operational burden & costs by closing the gap and preventing unknown & sophisticated cyber attacks that are able to evade other security systems.

Our Active Endpoint Deception platform provides multi-layered security defenses, which cover the growing advanced threat landscape, and helps increase the security posture of the organization!

Deceptive Bytes’ partner program can be flexible to meet your business needs and through it, we help you effectively and affordably protect your customers from advanced and stealthy security threats.

Partnership Value

Our partnership program helps VARs, Distributors, Security Integrators, MSPs & MSSPs empower customers’ protection with a lightweight, easy to deploy and manage solution which helps reduce operational costs & burden both to the partner and end-customers.

When choosing to work with Deceptive Bytes, the partner signals his customers its desire to improve their security posture with the added value of Endpoint Deception and without the complexity of yet another Endpoint security solution.

Stronger together



MSPs/MSSPs can utilize Deceptive Bytes’ multi-tenant platform which reduces the MSPs’/MSSPs’ operational burden & costs and its security teams’ alert fatigue. Deceptive Bytes provides flexible subscription plans based on partner’s business model and supports the partners in delivering managed services to their end-customers.

VARs - Value Added Resellers


Deceptive  Bytes’ solution is available to VARs as annual subscriptions. We support the VAR in its engagement with end-customers. VARs receive a standardized discount off the suggested list price.



As threats capabilities grow fast, Integrators & Distributors can utilize Deceptive Bytes’ platform’s easy on-premise/cloud deployment to quickly protect its customers. Deceptive Bytes supports them in their delivery of services to the end-customers.

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