Threats: Ransomware & CryptoMiners

Ransomware is rampaging worldwide for years, encrypting files and demanding ransom in easier cases or completely destroying your machines in worse cases without an option to recover.
Cryptominers utilize your resources to mine cryptocurrency, slowing down your endpoints and network and decreasing your business’ operability.

Both threats rely heavily on similar functionalities to operate, both increase usage of evasion to avoid being detected by other security products and are being infused together to generate
highly profitable threats against your business.


Traditional AVs fail to detect unknown ransomware and new strains of common ones, EDRs will restore encrypted files but only if they detected the attack and NGAVs can miss ransomware if they were miscalibrated or the attack was specially crafted to bypass the ML/AI system or its dataset.


With Deceptive Bytes’ Active Endpoint Deception solution, both Ransomware and Cryptominers are deceived to prevent their operations from succeeding, keeping your endpoints and business safe. Ransomware will not be able to encrypt files, saving you the trouble of recovering or reinstalling the endpoint.

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