Defensive & Offensive Deception

Our Solution

With Deception Technology Inside


Our defense techniques deceive malware into stopping malicious behavior, thinking it’s in a hostile or unattractive environment for it to attack by changing its perception of the system,
stopping it in its tracks.


Our offensive techniques detect known malicious behaviors, stop them before they do any damage to the endpoint.
Turning the offensive on the malware side.


“Deception technology […] is moving deeper into the endpoint level with vendors like Deceptive Bytes”.
Gartner’s blog, Feb 2017.

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Our Story

From business experience to development​ to cyber. As brothers, we always wanted to utilize our knowledge and experience together to build a company. Understanding the need to counteract sophisticated and massive malware attacks worldwide, Deceptive Bytes was founded to provide an endpoint protection solution.

Our Vision

We want to build a company that provides comprehensive security products for enterprises, that will protect against various threats on every device & platform, using our core technology.

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